24 Minutes of UX

Systems Thinking for Designers with Sheryl Cababa and Peter Horvath

April 26, 2023 24 Labs Season 2 Episode 3
24 Minutes of UX
Systems Thinking for Designers with Sheryl Cababa and Peter Horvath
Show Notes

Welcome to 24 Minutes of UX. In this latest installment of our new Ask the Author series, we're joined by Sheryl Cababa as giver and Peter Horvath as seeker.

Sheryl is from Seattle, Washington, USA, where she leads a human-centered design practice that is focused on Systems Thinking and evidence-based design. She is the author of a new book entitled Closing the Loop: Systems Thinking for Designers, published by Rosenfeld Media.

One aspect of Systems Thinking is understanding the relationships and flows between the key actors and structural elements in a system. From a design perspective, this helps us appreciate the wider context of the work we do, and Sheryl does a great job of bringing Systems Thinking out of academic silos and into the light of our everyday design practices.

Our seeker is Peter Horvath, a Strategy and Service Design Lead at Whitespace in Geneva, Switzerland. Peter is keen on applying Systems Thinking in his advisory work with multinational clients, and he devoured Sheryl's book as soon as it came out. He had plenty of questions for Sheryl, and as you'll hear, her answers will be helpful to any designer interested in this topic.

If listeners want to get a hold of Closing the Loop at a discount, they should attend the upcoming 24 Hours of UX event, where Sheryl’s publisher, Rosenfeld Media, will be giving away a number of free books and sharing a discount code.

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