24 Minutes of UX

Integrating UX into organizations, with Daniel Boos and Jon Fukuda

February 16, 2021 24 Labs Season 1 Episode 3
24 Minutes of UX
Integrating UX into organizations, with Daniel Boos and Jon Fukuda
Show Notes

The topic for this episode is Integrating UX into your organization. Today, we’re excited to welcome our seeker, Daniel Boos, Product Owner User Experience Services at the Swiss Federal Railways. As head of UX for a national institution, and with a PhD to his name, Daniel is a poster-child for continuous learning. 

We also welcome our giver of advice, Jon Fukuda. Jon is co-founder of Limina, a UX consultancy in the United States specializing in business systems and domain-specific applications. In June of last year, Jon and his team at Limina published the 2020 Design-Integration Report with a focus on how organizations interpret design and the challenges they face in operationalizing and optimizing their design processes for business success.

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