24 Minutes of UX

Ethics and UX, with Sibylle Peuker and Rebecca Parlin

May 05, 2021 24 Labs Season 1 Episode 7
24 Minutes of UX
Ethics and UX, with Sibylle Peuker and Rebecca Parlin
Show Notes

Today’s topic is ethics in UX. Whose responsibility is it to create an ethical organization? What does it even mean to be ethical? And what does artificial intelligence have to do with any of this? Stay tuned, and you’ll find out. 

Our seeker for this episode is Rebecca Parlin, based out of Maine in the United States. Rebecca has over 10 years experience in graphic design, but she is a recent graduate of General Assembly’s User Experience Design program. During her studies she was fascinated with ethics, and how design decisions can change the world for the better - or worse. In her quest for even more information on the topic, she turned to our podcast for answers. 

We also welcome our Giver of advice, Sibylle Peuker, Ph.D. Sibylle is a Partner and UX Architect at Zeix, a user-centered design agency in Zurich, Switzerland. What makes her particularly well-suited for today’s topic is that she’s also a university lecturer for Digital Ethics. Sibylle is convinced that good design can make people healthier, happier, and even save lives, and has been the user’s champion for over 15 years. Testament to the varied background of UXers, Sibylle is a mathematician and computer scientist by training, and this knowledge comes in handy during her current work at the intersection of UX of Artificial Intelligence. 

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