24 Minutes of UX

Design Leadership with Shaza Hakim and Lai Ngo

July 04, 2021 24 Labs Season 1 Episode 8
24 Minutes of UX
Design Leadership with Shaza Hakim and Lai Ngo
Show Notes

Today’s discussion is about leading and growing designers. It’s a great topic because it touches on the mix of management craft and soft skills that design leaders can call upon to motivate and challenge people on their teams.

Lai Ngo is our Seeker this time around. Based in Switzerland, Lai is the Team Lead for UX and Graphic Design at the travel platform Hapimag. She has a diverse career background spanning more than just UX, and she’s a relentless learner. Having recently moved into a design management role, Lai wants to make sure she is providing the best possible guidance to both junior and senior designers on her team. And she has turned to our podcast for some tips.

Today's Giver of advice is Shaza Hakim. Shaza is based in Malaysia, and she is the founder and UX principal of Stampede Design, a digital creative agency, which she has been running for over 15 years. She is already active in the community, both as a key figure in the UX Malaysia event and in the local IxDF group. 

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